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I am a middle school English teacher and young adult novelist. 

Since becoming hooked on writing fiction a few years ago, I have completed three novels. I gravitate toward writing the sort of positive queer fiction I longed for when I was in school. We need more gay love stories that don't end in death.

I hold a BA in English from St. Olaf College and an M. Ed in English from the University of Minnesota.

I am currently seeking publication for my most recent novel. 

When I'm not writing, I spend my days gushing about great books with teenagers, directing middle school musical theater, and advising the Gender &  Sexuality Alliance. I live in Minnesota with my husband—also a middle school English teacher—and our very floppy rescue dog.

the rest

I grew up in a stranger-than-fiction town, exploring abandoned mining tunnels in the aptly-named Caving Grounds.  

I write my novels on a diet of Broadway showtunes and early 2000's pop punk. 

I tap dance. Poorly, but enthusiastically.

I'm obsessed with running and playing the viola.

I accidentally became a published composer in 2021. It's a strange story involving plagiarizing (not on my end), handbell choirs, thirty precocious seventh graders, and several incredulous lawyers. 

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